Service: Sunday 9am and 11:00am | Wednesday 7pm

A Community of Young Adults desiring to Gather, Grow, and Scatter in the City of Fredericksburg

GTHR: We are a community of Young Adults desiring to GATHER together to GROW into

the image of Jesus Christ. Holding each other accountable to following Jesus, hearing the

Word of God, spending time in prayer and authentic relationships all leading up to scattering

into the surrounding Fredericksburg area to make disciples of all we meet!

Meeting Time: 2nd and 4th Fridays at 6:30pm-8:15pm in the Youth Room at CCFRED

Leaders: Seth and Bobbie Ramirez

Current Series

We currently going through a series on Essential Practices of Christianity.  We are exploring the simple practices of the christian life that we would grow in maturity!
P-Prayer- How do I talk to God?
R-Reading God's Word- How Do I hear from God?
A-Applying God's Word- What do i do after I hear from God?
C-Community- Importance of Church and Surrounding yourselves with other believers
T- Telling Others- Evangelism in the Christian
Inspecting  the Heart- Motive Checking and Cross Clinging
Finding Your Calling- What has God called you to do ?
Exercise Your Gifts - How Has God equipped you to do  it?
Start Discipling - Who can you take these Essential Doctrines and Practices to help them walk with Jesus?