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You will soon receive an email with a link to your giving statement.  This link is time sensitive and only available for 14 days once it is sent. Please be looking for this email around the middle of January from the following sender:   [email protected]  On Behalf Of Calvary Chapel Fredericksburg


After the link has expired you will be able to retrieve
your giving statement via the planning center portal.
You can use this link to login:
Once logged in, hit the down arrow to access your donor profile.  Click on my giving.  Go all the way to the bottom and you will see your 2021 statement that you can print.  Please note that this option will only be available once the statements have been generated sometime around the middle of January.


Online Donations: Credit card, debit card, and ACH bank transfer donations all get a "received date" the moment the donor hits "Give $X" button. If that happens before the clock strikes midnight in your local timezone then the donation will be counted for 2021. Online donations cannot be backdated.

In-Person Donations: Must be received in the Drop-Box  by Wednesday, December 29th.


Donations set to occur on December 31st will be processed in the early morning hours of December 31st. If a card donation fails, the system will know immediately and will alert the donor that their donation didn't go through.

For ACH bank transfer donations, donor banks take multiple days to indicate that an ACH payment has failed. That means if a recurring ACH donation is set to trigger on the 31st, and the donation fails, the donor has missed their window for that donation to count in 2021.

If we do not have a current email address on file for you,
your statement will be mailed no later than January 31, 2022.
If you have any questions please email Christine Hill below!