Service: Sunday 9am and 11:00am | Wednesday 7pm

    Our Lamp Speakers 

"Pastoring through the radio"

Mark Ramirez

Straight Up Radio

Chuck Smith

The Word for Today

Greg Laurie

A New Beginning

Raul Ries

Somebody Loves You

Skip Heitzig

The Connection

Joe Focht

Straight From the Heart

Ed Taylor

Abounding Grace

David Rosales

A Sure Foundation

Dan Sexton

Ring of Truth

Bill Galatin 

Walk in the Light

Jon Courson


Troy Warner

Time In The Word

Pancho Juarez

On the Level

J Vernon McGee

Thru The Bible 

Tony Clark

The Word Made Plain

Damian Kyle

According to the Scriptures

John Randall 

A Daily Walk

Sandy Adams

Sandy Adams Radio

Ken Graves


Bill Welsh

Refuge Radio

Chad Myhre

Every Man Radio

Bridge Bible Talk

David Guzik

Enduring Word Radio

Gary Hamrick

Cornerstone Chapel

Al Pittman

The Dwelling Place

Lloyd Pulley

John Miller

Bridging the Gap
Revival Radio

Malcom Wild

Sound Truth

Thom Keller

Study The Word

Joey Buran

Worship Generation

Jack Hibbs

Real Radio Weekend

Bill Martin

Manna For Breakfast

Ron Dozler

Gayle Erwin 

Boldly Speaking
The Jesus Style

Rick Gaston

Cross Reference Radio

Barry Stagner and Mike MacIntosh

World News Briefing

Pat Lazovich

Strength for Today

Jim Stewart 

Living Fountains

Brennan Beeler 


Zach Adams

Outlaw Radio

Mark Kirk

Come To The Table

Jim Jacobson

The Sound Word

Mike Macintosh

Chapter and Verse

John Reed

K-BOOK Radio Station