Service: Sunday 9am and 11:00am | Wednesday 7pm

Meet the Team
Pastors & Leaders

Mark Ramirez

Senior Pastor

Terry Alani

Assistant Pastor | Life Groups

John Nieves 


Gregg Moffatt


Dorothy Ramirez 

Office Admin 

Rosanna Lee

Office Admin and Communications

Curtis & Courtney Crawford 

Children's Ministry

Seth & Bobbie Ramirez

Youth and Young Adults

Joe Gallegos

Men's Ministry

Kay McVicker , Dorothy Ramirez, & Rachel Collins 

Women's Ministry

Micah Martin

Worship and AV Ministries

Melissa Alani

Encompass Ministry

Chuck Love

Hospitality Ministry

Pat Riley 

Prayer Ministry 

Christine Hill


Chris Sills 

Resource Team

Ted Statnick 

Radio Ministry 

Barb Maher


Jeff Hale 

Safety Ministry

Doug & Kay McVicker

Homeless Outreach

Tim Collins