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Destination Heaven | Session 3

Mar 9, 2024    Pastor Zander Shashura

Even though the journey can be difficult, remembering the glories of heaven, a place far better than anything on earth, motivates us to keep going. The Israelites leaving Egypt illustrate how tempting it can be to turn back during trials, but the truth is, God's promises are far superior.

The passage also highlights Jesus' role in making heaven possible. Unlike the failed attempt to reach heaven with the Tower of Babel, Jesus came down as the true gate to heaven. He endured suffering on the cross, securing our place there. His love for us, demonstrated by his sacrifice, should warm our hearts and give us security as we face challenges. Finally, the Holy Spirit is our encourager and down payment on our future inheritance in heaven. By allowing the Holy Spirit to remind us of God's love and promises, we can find renewed strength for our journey.