Service: Sunday 9am and 11:00am | Wednesday 7pm

Sunday Mornings 

We provide Sunday morning classes for Infants-5th grade.
We seek to touch kid’s lives with the love of God through caring, committed and creative staff with age appropriate curriculums that are Bible based.
Time: 9:00am & 11:00am
Location: Various (refer to church map in foyer)

Wednesday Nights 

Children Pre K – 5th Grade  meet for worship before splitting into classes for lessons, games, crafts and snacks.
Time: 6:45-8:15
Location: The Children’s Fellowship Area


At check in, you and your child will be given a number. The number identifies you with the child.

You must show the class leader your number for your child to be released to you or show a photo id that matches the name that you signed your kid in with.

Teachers will not release the child without appropriate identification.


In the event that you are needed in your child’s classroom, the 4-digit number will be displayed in the front of the Sanctuary or Fellowship Hall.

Reasons for being summoned include a child being upset, an injury or behavioral reasons.


In order to maintain a healthy environment, please do not bring your child to class if:
1. they have a fever greater than 100.04°  
2. a runny nose
3. fresh cold (four days or less)
4. fever
5. rash
6. persistent cough
7. diarrhea
8. or any other signs of illness

Meet Our Leaders!

Meet Curtis and Courtney Crawford! You can reach out to them with any questions you may have about our Children's Ministry!